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Made by Order Stainless Steel Screens for Long Lasting Use

Traditional screens are often thought to be limited to filtering debris, sand and gravel from groundwater wells and oil wells.
Sima-Aree Engineering Screens is an advanced and innovative technology manufacturer who is able to produce Made by Order Screens for a variety purposes. Please contact for further information and consultation.

1. Architectural and Construction Screens: Our advanced computerized machines are able to forge screens into architectural shape for residential or commercial purposes such as Benches, Gutters Covers, etc.

2. Food and Beverages Industries: By using Sima-Aree Engineering Screens as pulp or fiber Strainers, they will last longer for your food and beverage factory filtering components, lowering the cost of production.

3. Waste Management:
Sima-Aree Engineering Screens can be made for Filtration of waste water for water treatment in various kinds of manufacturing.

4. Paper Industries:
Made by Order Screens by Sima-Aree Engineering can be manufactured to serve the paper industries by Straining fiber and also be used as water treatment components in paper manufacturing.


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