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  General Characteristic :

     Hand Pumps are followed Standard by Public Work, Department of Health, Ministry
     of Public Health including pump and equipment for ground water well. 
  Specific Characteristic :
    Material is made from high quality Steel, Cast Iron and Brass. After assembling 
    Cylinder Liner together, the pumping motion should be able to work properly (not
    too tight and not too loose). Bolts and nuts must have spring washers which are 
    composes of  
            • Body and Chain - Handle Suppliers are made from high quality cast iron 
            • Connecting Rod is made from high quality steel,diameter size 9x185mm.  
            • Chain with connecting link is single strand No.6, Roller Chain
No.60 (ASA).
               The total length is 13 links (without couplings) including spring coupling
               clips on both ends. 
            • Stuffing Box Plate is made from cast iron 
            • Pump Base is made from cast iron with anti-corrosion coated inisde. 
            • Delivery pipe is galvanized pipe, diameter size1-1/2" x 300 mm With thread on
              both ends, Medium Class, B.S (British System) Standerd 1387-1967. 
            • Handle is made from galvanized steel size 1 1/4 " x 1,000 mm.,
Medium Class,
              with 3 holes predrilled for 12 mm. Nuts to connect with Chain Handle Supporter. 
            • Cylinder Assembly must composed of 
                - Cylinder liner is made from Brass, O.D. = 82 mm.,
length  = 457 mm.,
                   I.D. = 76 mm. 
                - Top Lower Cap is made from Brass. 
                - Connecting Rod is made from Cold Drawn Steel,
size 12.5 x 457 mm. 
                - Upper and Lower Valves Connecting Rod Lock, Connecting
Rod Spring are
                  made from high quality brass. 
                - Piston Leather is made from good quality leather

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